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The Southern Palatinate epitomises the quality of life and what would it be without its wine? A hectic pace is not something common to the Southern Palatinate; and that’s not surprising - a good wine needs its time!

If you are interested in culture, history and sightseeing you will be spoilt for choice here - but you will also be guaranteed to find what you are looking for: A tour through the passageways of the fortress of Germersheim brings past centuries back to life. The region also offers a large number of museums if you want to continue your journey of cultural discovery.

Nature definitely favours the Southern Palatinate - the climate in one of Germany's warmest regions certainly could not be more pleasant. An especially relaxing experience of nature is offered by the protected nature reserves of the Bienwald forest, situated in the south along the border to France, and in the unspoiled natural alluvial forests of the Rheinauen. The primeval forest landscape can best be experienced from the water on a tour with a professional guide in an electrically powered barque.

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