Where history and nature abound

Weissenburger Tor

Located directly on theRhine, this fortress town can once again be seen in its full glory. The huge, striking fortresses bear witness to the town’s military past. Visitors can explore the fascinating and eventful history of the town by taking the fortress tour along historical walls, through winding alleyways, underground mine corridors and the park-like training grounds.

A boat tour on the Old Rhine
Arguably the best way to take in the natural beauty of the primeval landscape is to go on one of the guided tours on a small fishing boat through the unspoilt Rheinaue wetlands.

Summer of culture in Germersheim
Every summer, an innovative and highly acclaimed music programme – “Kultursommer” – is held at unusual historical locations.

SPEZI, the world’s largest special bikes trade fair
This fair opens its doors every year on the last weekend in April, when the whole town is in thrall to the two-wheeled wonder and its extraordinary offshoots.

Südpfalz-Tourismus Stadt Germersheim e.V.