Where the Rhine meets the Lauter

Cycling in Hagenbach

Welcome to the municipality association of Hagenbach, which consists of the municipalities of Scheibenhardt, Berg, Neuburg and Hagenbach.

In the southernmost municipality association in the Rhineland Palatinate region, there is a point where the Palatinate, Baden andAlsaceall come together. And there are unlimited natural delights to savour there, where the natural Rheinaue wetlands and theBienwaldForestoffer visitors all the relaxation their hearts desire.

Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy the cross-border Lautertal route from Neuburg through theBienwaldForestinto Wissembourg in neighbouringAlsace. In Scheibenhardt, you can experience German-French history at first hand, with the German Scheibenhardt half of the municipality on one side of the Lauter river and the French Scheibenhard on the other.

Nature-loving walkers will certainly appreciate the extensive hikes through winding wetland forests, sun-shafted groves and lush meadows along the Lauter and the slender paths in theBienwaldForest.

The Epple swimming lake in Neuburg is a refreshing choice for hot summer days.

For fascinating insight into life by theRhine, the “Lautermuschel” floating museum ship in Neuburg harbour and the “Rheinaue-Museum” are both well worth a visit.

Südpfalz-Tourismus Verbandsgemeinde Hagenbach e.V.