Eat, drink and be merry

Bellheimer brewery

A zest for life is alive and well in the municipality association of Bellheim, which contains the Zeiskam, Ottersheim, Knittelsheim and Bellheim municipalities.

Here, you can walk from mill to mill through green, sunlight-flooded woods, vast fields and vineyards, stopping for a hearty meal or fine fare at one of the many friendly taverns and restaurants.

The Bellheim Forest
With its magnificent trees, sun-shafted glades and flat forest paths, theBellheimForestis ideal for leisurely walks and cycles. In the late summer, the region is home to the largest white stork population in the Rhineland Palatinate.

Freshly brewed beer and culinary delights
Why not enjoy a fresh glass of amber nectar at the Bellheimer brewery – the leading brewery in the Südpfalz – or at the Bärenbräu brewery in Ottersheim? Or dine in style at one of the wide range of restaurants – including the Isenhof in Knittelsheim, proud holder of a Michelin star.

Traditional festivals galore
Festivals are held regularly in the region, allowing the famous local hospitality to be enjoyed all year round.

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