Fun in the water

Quarry pond in Jockgrim

Whether diving into clear quarry ponds, soaking up the sun on sandy and shingle beaches, relaxing in one of the many swimming pools or enjoying the Rhine from a whole new perspective – lovers of water are well catered for in the Südpfalz. Not to mention the hours of fun and relaxation to be found in the region’s water parks.

Water Park Wörth

76744 Wörth
Tel.: 07271-131-480

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Water Park Bellheim

Zeiskamer Straße
76756 Bellheim
Tel.: 07272-4769

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Swimming Pool Kandel

76870 Kandel
Tel.: 07275-618 691

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Swimming Lake at the Moby Dick

Am See 2
76761 Rülzheim
Tel.: 07272-9284

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Epplesee in Neuburg

76776 Neuburg
Tel.: 07273-9410 0

Quarry Pond


76751 Jockgrim
Tel.: 07271-599 0

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Quarry Pond „Gimpelrhein“

76726 Sondernheim
Tel.: 07274-960 260


Quarry Pond

67360 Lingenfeld
Tel.: 06344-509 233

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