Vines, wines and natural beauty

Enjoy wines from the Südpfalz

It is the vines that give the Südpfalz region its unmistakable character. Gently sloping vineyards and a vast magnificence of vines give way to the fertile fields that continue all the way to theRhine. The Rhineland Palatinate is the largest Riesling-growing region in the world as well as being synonymous with top red wines. Almost 40 percent of vineyards cultivate red varieties, making itGermany’s largest red wine region. Dornfelder is the main wine here, while Pinot noir and Portugieser are also of great significance. Related grape sorts, such as Pinot blanc and Pinot gris, which are mostly dry, also make up an important part of the local wine range. These wines can be tasted directly at the vintner’s or at one of our many wine festivals. Autumn is high season in this wine-making region. After an autumn stroll, there is nothing better than a bottle of “new wine” – the half-fermented wine known as “Federweisser” – and a selection of hearty regional specialities – an experience that your taste buds are not likely to forget.