A very special flavour

More than 110 gastronomic enterprises from the Southern Wine Route, the Germersheim district and Landau have received an award as a recommended hospitable house. They all demonstrate the region’s gastronomic variety and quality, where lots of what ends up in the pot comes directly from the local fields and gardens. Some of the restaurants have their own kitchen gardens where they grow chervil, marjoram, dill, borage, mint, garlic, sage and other herbs and spices, all of which provide the regional cuisine with its special flavour! The produce for the delicious ingredients from the fields of the local farmers range from asparagus, cauliflower and savoy cabbage to pumpkins, potatoes, artichokes and strawberries, peaches and figs. Another specialty from the local waters is the delicious Zander, or pike-perch, which can be enjoyed with a glass of tangy Riesling in one of the numerous fish restaurants on the Rhine - for example along the special bicycle path “Vom Riesling zum Zander” which links the Rhine with the Southern German Wine Route.